fırını (collaboration)

the baking trade in turkey.

the book fırını (engl. oven), was developed in April 2016 during a study trip of hslu design&kunst to izmir, turkey.

Nothing has more idiosyncrasies than the everyday. Bread in Turkey – called “ekmek” in the local language – is an important component in Turkish food culture. The bread that is put on the table is produced in the so-called “fırını” – a bakery according to Turkish tradition whose centrepiece is the stone oven. But the driving force of every business is the person, the baker, who masters the craft and executes it skilfully. The one who processes the flour into a dough and finally shovels the golden-yellow baked loaf of bread out of the oven – called “fırını”. But in what scenery is this craft practised?” The photographs in this book address this question. This book is a record of the scenery, some of which is strange to us, and sheds light on peculiarities of the Turkish baking craft. The props of this craft are brought into focus and document the bakery setting in the absence of humans. Thus, this book is a collection of still lives, around bread production.

excerpt, foreword

photography: luana perotto and sulamith scheurer
text: sulamith scheurer
layout: luana perotto
april 2016